Mike Clancy Announces Candidacy For Virginia's 10th Congressional District


Clancy for Congress

January 3, 2022


Mike Clancy

– Political Outsider, Technology Executive, Lawyer, Education Activist & Community Leader – Announces Candidacy for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District

“Now that the Virginia Supreme Court has established the final Congressional Districts, I am declaring my candidacy for Virginia’s 10th District,” announced Republican Mike Clancy.

“The current Democrat incumbent is driving a radical, extreme, irresponsible, divisive agenda. This agenda is wrong for Virginia and wrong for America. It is time for change. I will bring common-sense, fiscally responsible leadership to Congress.

One of my key priorities is educational excellence so that all students of all abilities have the opportunity to excel. We must expand school choice; ensure safe schools and parental engagement; and provide an educational program that is focused on core academic subjects that prepares our children for a competitive global economy.

We must energize free enterprise, promote small businesses, ensure equal opportunity, and bring an end to divisive discriminatory government and educational programs.

We must protect our core Constitutional principle of free speech against government, corporate, academic and high-tech censorship.

There is much work to be done. Let us unite together, stand together, and work together for Virginia and for American exceptionalism.”

Mike will bring integrity, and common-sense, fiscally responsible leadership

to Congress.

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